It’s a girl!

I was almost certain that the title of this post would be “My Three Sons,” but not so! Yesterday, my wife gave birth to a little baby girl and I’m still startled over this discovery. Like the other births, we decided to wait to find out the baby’s sex and I have to say thatContinue Reading

An Open Letter To The Next Generation of Evolved Parents

What does real success mean? If you asked me when I was in college or even in my twenties it would be different from how I see it now. Before I would have said that success had to do with how much I achieved in terms of money and the advancement of my career. The idea of being a dad was such a foreign substance to me.Continue Reading

Let’s Get Rid of ‘Mommy and Me’

(This entry is also published at The Huffington Post.) I took my eldest son to get his hair cut the other day and noticed on the door to the salon an advertisement for a local “Mommy and Me” class. The flier included an illustration of a mother holding her toddler. There was no mention ofContinue Reading

Second Nature

Of all the things that happened this summer, I think the most meaningful moment for me was teaching Charlie to ride his bicycle. Perhaps the experience was made all the more meaningful because, for all of Charlie’s gifts (and there are many) coordination just hasn’t been one of them. So, to get the boy atopContinue Reading

Teaching Diversity To Your Child

(This entry can also be read at the Huffington Post.) I was watching “Sesame Street” with my two young sons the other day and found myself noticing the variety of people in the show. It was satisfying to see that not only were my kids getting to know Big Bird and the alphabet but theyContinue Reading

10 Things I Learned (Or Unlearned) When I Had Kids

(This post is also printed at the Hufftington Post. Check out the fun pictures they put to it!) 1) Sleep? What’s that, again? My first son never slept in our bed with us, but for the first six months of his life I would wake up nearly every night, yanking all the sheets up, havingContinue Reading

Working Dads: The Hidden Heroes Of The New Fatherhood Movement

(This post was originally printed at The Huffington Post.) My bet is that the dads who are going to make or break involved fatherhood are: working dads. Why working dads? The media doesn’t hark much on them. They are not who we necessarily associate with the phrase “involved dad.” For all intents and purposes thisContinue Reading

How To Build A Time Machine To Your Childhood

(This entry is also posted at The Huffington Post.) Have you noticed that as we get older we require larger amounts of stimulation to engage us? That what once excited us when we were young now doesn’t hold the same potency? Be it the sugar in our food, the coffee we guzzle, our hectic schedulesContinue Reading

Is The American Family Doomed?

(This entry originally published in The Huffington Post.) Is the American family doomed? You might start thinking so given the recent spate of sensational news articles that have been popping up lately. Last month, the Atlantic Monthly celebrated Father’s Day by sharing that dads are no longer necessary. This month New York Magazine proclaims thatContinue Reading