The Charlie Chronicles

Bullies: A Dad’s Dilemma

Bullies: A Dad’s Dilemma

Is there a benefit to the schoolyard bully in terms of our survival? Lately, I’ve been pondering this upon recently witnessing my seven-year-old son, Charlie, being pushed around in the playground after school.
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For Charlie On Your Seventh Birthday

Dear Charlie, I can’t believe you are now Seven-years-old. Where does the time go? Wasn’t it just a moment ago that I was rushing back from the Hamptons Film Festival to get to the hospital in time for your arrival? Holding your new sister in my hands in recent days brings me back so clearlyContinue Reading

Second Nature

Of all the things that happened this summer, I think the most meaningful moment for me was teaching Charlie to ride his bicycle. Perhaps the experience was made all the more meaningful because, for all of Charlie’s gifts (and there are many) coordination just hasn’t been one of them. So, to get the boy atopContinue Reading

How To Build A Time Machine To Your Childhood

(This entry is also posted at The Huffington Post.) Have you noticed that as we get older we require larger amounts of stimulation to engage us? That what once excited us when we were young now doesn’t hold the same potency? Be it the sugar in our food, the coffee we guzzle, our hectic schedulesContinue Reading

Charlie’s Batman Monologue

For those of you who enjoy watching Adam West in Batman – The Movie, here is a testament to its enduring value. Enjoy!

What The Evolution Is All About

That’s what the Evolution is about for me: it’s about moving towards a time when there will be no real distinction between Stay-At-Home Dads and Working Dads. They will all just be… Dad.Continue Reading

Watching EOD With Charlie

Sometimes before Charlie’s bedtime on non-school nights we watch films together. It’s a treat to share classics like Singin’ In the Rain or Star Wars or The Ten Commandments together and it reminds me of viewing movies with own dad from when I was a kid. Tonight, however, when I asked Charlie what he’d likeContinue Reading

Bedtime Reading As Redemption

Every night, what usually goes on in my house, like so in many homes all across the world is the bedtime story for our kids; and like most households we have our collection of Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry and Mo Willems stories. But tonight, as Charlie and I settled in for his bedtime story, something unexpected happened.Continue Reading

New Trailer Coming…But first..

Hey there! Well, the new trailer is done and we are so excited about it. Stay tuned as it will be posted this weekend. If you are on the mailing list, we’ll immediately let you know once it’s up. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share something on the ‘lighter’ side.Continue Reading

‘Plastic Baby’ Goes to School

In the past I’ve written about how my son has a baby doll, aka “Plastic Baby”, and that he sees himself with her as ‘training to be a daddy.’ It’s something that I’m quite pleased with and have even included it a bit in the movie. But yesterday, something happened that really kind of shookContinue Reading