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Playing Catch – By Director Dana Glazer

Today our 10 month-old-son did something rather extraordinary. I plopped a tennis ball in his lap and he grabbed it and flung it back at me. It was one of those dad-son moments that one hears about and I can’t tell you how excited I was. Images of years to come – playing catch with this boy floated through my mind. I thought back on my own dad and I in our backyard, tossing a ball back and forth.

There is truly something iconic about playing catch with one’s father and then one’s kid(s). It’s somehow ingrained in us. Ralph LaRossa does a good job at dissecting why this game of catch is so important to us. He speculates it is a result of the glorification of baseball and suburbanization – both taking place in the Mid-Twentieth Century. I think the game of catch is a symbolic form of communication between fathers and kids. There’s a rhythm to the gesture. It’s a connective action. A tangible link between generations.

Whatever it is, it feels good to have Jamie joining in on this long, iconic tradition and I certainly plan to include footage of fathers and their kids tossing together in the film.

More Housework For Guys = More Sex?? – By Director Dana Glazer

There’s been a lot in the news recently about how there’s a correlation about how when men do more of the housework it puts their wives more in the mood. A recent conversation with Sociologist Dr. Michael Kimmel further echoed this. It’s certainly a great headline – at least from a guy’s perspective (you knowContinue Reading

Evolution of Dad Production Vehicle – From Director Dana Glazer

Only with a film like this can one get away with a stroller-turned-equipment-truck. That’s Jamie, my 10 month old, at the wheel. Lucky for us he hasn’t joined the teamsters yet:)

The SAHD Myth?? – By Director Dana Glazer

Recently I happened across a blog entry by Penelope Trunk aka “The Brazen Careerist”, titled “My Own Marriage and the Stay-At-Home Dad Myth.” It was definitely thought provoking and anything that stops to make one think, in my mind is a good thing. Is the concept of the happy Stay-At-Home Dad doing the laundry, shopping,Continue Reading

THE TROOPER AND THE HARE – by Tracy Russell, Associate Producer

Two Saturdays ago, Dana and I had the good fortune to meet dad Kevin Knussman and his family in Easton, Maryland. Kevin, a retired State trooper, sued the state of Maryland in the early 1990’s, upon their refusal to grant him leave to provide care for his ailing, pregnant wife Kim and, later for theirContinue Reading