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Houston Alexander: UFC Fighter and Single Dad of Six joins Evolution of Dad Project!

About ten days ago I learned from a Yahoo sports article about a UFC fighter, named Houston Alexander, who is a single dad with six kids. What Houston said in the article about how he is with his kids was incredibly poignant and something that needed to be in the film. The article also shared how Houston, a native Nebraskan, would be in Newark for the latest UFC bout on November 17th. Thus began a crazy process of trying to connect with Houston while he was in my general area – and boy was it worth it. Aside from being built like a tank, Houston is a thoughtful and eloquent man who who welcomed the idea of doing something for dads out there.

I keep talking about how the success/failure of the film will be whether it connects with dads who think this film isn’t about them – the dads that look at housework and childcare as emasculating – the dads who, if they could only see the bigger picture of fatherhood, might actually find ways to get more involved. Having Houston “The Assassin” Alexander onboard brings the project one step closer to reaching those dads.

Evo Dad Podcast – By Director Dana Glazer

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being the guest on a podcast with Stefan Korn from New Zealand-based Stefan certainly knows the bigger issues about dads and it was a real pleasure speaking with him. The sound quality (from my end) is a trifle muffled but I hope you enjoy it!

Gimme Some Truth! – By Director Dana Glazer

There’s been a lot of noise in the media about the so-called “Mommy Wars” which now things seem to be sequeing to “Daddy Wars” – and honestly, the whole thing pretty much makes me nauseous. The deeper I get in the research of this film, the clearer it becomes that most of what we areContinue Reading

Meet The Vachons – by Director Dana Glazer

Over the past week I have encountered three different people who claim to have been misquoted by the Time Magazine article on dads. Their reactions ranged from annoyance to outrage. I’ve been thinking about this ever since and was about to post here about it, when I discovered that Amy and Marc Vachon did meContinue Reading