Monthly Archives: March 2008

Evo Dads at The Huffington Post!

Special thanks to Heather Cabot for including us in her most recent Huff Post blog. Heather is a former TV news reporter and current at home mom who also writes a ezine called The Well Mom. This is a mother who understands and appreciates the importance of getting dads more involved. Go Heather!

Any involved dads out in the Ridgewood, NJ area?

Hey out there. Well, it’s official. My family and I will be pulling up stakes this summer to move to Ridgewood, NJ. We’re pretty excited about the move and if you happen to live in the area, or know other good people around those parts, it’d be great to connect. Shoot me an email atContinue Reading

Bear Stearns and The Great American Character Flaw

In the year between college and going to graduate film school I had the interesting experience of working at Bear Stearns in Boston. It was quite the place. High-powered stockbrokers roaming the halls. The companies name encrusted in commanding bronze letters at the entrance. The smell of financial success. I started off in a mammothContinue Reading

A Change In The Forecast

While I still believe that Gen Y has it in their belief system to change companies for the better in terms of Family/Work balance, it sure smells like a depression is fast approaching around the corner, which will mean fewer jobs and therefore, fewer demands by employees. We’ll see. Now, the good thing about recessions/depressionsContinue Reading

Like Aspirin To A Headache

Here is a sampling of our recent interview with Dr. Kyle Pruett, one of the giants in the study of fatherhood. It’s pioneering father experts like Dr. Pruett who really put things into focus. Aside from being incredibly deep and thoughtful, Dr. Pruett’s unceasing passion for making an impact on the role of fatherhood isContinue Reading

NYC Fatherhood Conference April 12th

For all you dads out there who are in the NYC area here’s an interesting fatherhood conference to check out: “A Father’s Shoes: Exploring the Evolving Role of Fatherhood in the 21st Century.” Glad to see we’re not the only ones thinking about the evolution. Anyway, the conference is on April 12th, at the GraceContinue Reading

Tidy, tidy, tidy, mess, Mess, MESS!

While mopping up my younger son’s vomit off of the kitchen floor, I found myself reflecting on the events of the past twenty-four hours. No, nothing earth shattering here, just a great example about what so often happens to the best laid plans and how, as much as we like to lead neat and tidyContinue Reading

The Fuel That Propels the Project

This morning, after having spent most of yesterday away from home filming Dr. Kyle Pruett in New Haven, CT (more on this later!) my four-year-old son had all sorts of questions about why I am making this film. I explained to Charlie that the purpose of the film is to get more dads involved withContinue Reading

We Are All Connected

One of the things I enjoy the most about the evolution of The Evolution of Dad are the myriad of awesome people I continually come across on a daily basis due to this site. Here’s a sampler from last week. The other night I had the great pleasure of speaking to a New Jersey coupleContinue Reading