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A Picture Is A Thousand Words INDEED!

Hey there!

There’s a photo book about fathers, called Fatherhood Inc., which you should be aware about. Go here to sample some pages of it. They’re really quite amazing, touching and profound. Robert Houser is one talented photographer. Kudos to him for putting this out. It’s a must-read for all involved dads. Check it out!

The Tell Tale Dad

While on the Path train yesterday I happened to sit next to a father with his six-year-old son. We were in the front train and the son was watching with rapt attention through the glass as the train moved forward through the tunnel. “After we make this turn, the train’s gonna speed up. See?” theContinue Reading

Hope On The Playground

Hey, isn’t it great how the weather is turning? FINALLY! My G-d, I feel like we’ve been stuck in an early March holding pattern with an occasional turn towards the runway of warmth only to be snatched up again by brisk winds. But now it looks like we’re definitely landing. Say goodbye to trying toContinue Reading

A Brief Update and Reminder

Hey out there! Well, it’s been a busy week for all things dad over here. We are hard at work editing the teaser trailer for the project, which will be presented a short time before Father’s Day, so get psyched! It’s going to be really something special and we can’t wait to share it! Also,Continue Reading

When Moms ‘Get it’

Hey there! I don’t usually quote from comments people leave when they join the project’s mailing list, but the one we received this morning was so eloquent and heartfelt, it really needs to be shared. Even more importantly, it comes from a mom who ‘gets it.’ As I’ve written before, only when moms and dadsContinue Reading