Monthly Archives: June 2009

Evolution of Dad across the Atlantic

It’s always interesting to see how trends in fatherhood are translated on the other side of the Atlantic. I was recently interviewed by The Times in Britain for an article on how the role of dad is changing. Aside from quoting me as saying ‘mum’ as opposed to ‘mom’ they did a really good job at presenting a balanced view on the subject of dads. Perhaps what’s most intriguing is their perspective that us American dads are much more open to sharing our feelings on the subject of caregiving than our British counterparts. Ironically, while there may be an openness over here, the policies of our country lag behind England when it comes to paternity leave and such. No matter, the times they are a-changing.

Conspiracy of Silence?

Yes, it’s that wild and crazy time of the year when fatherhood is back on the cultural radar. I honestly have mixed feelings about Father’s Day. It’s great to have a holiday promoting the importance and appreciation of dads and yet, between the commercial push and the general shallowness of the media coverage, I findContinue Reading