Monthly Archives: September 2009

Let’s Come Clean About Housework

Okay, time to come clean. When I was filming Dr. Michael Kimmel recently about men and housework, what he said is basically what my wife has been saying for years about me and housework. Guess I’m not alone in this. (Deb, I promise to do better.)

Evolution of Dad on “A Conversation With Men Radio Show”

Last night I had the pleasure of being the guest on a blog talk radio show called “A Conversation With Men” with host Michael Taylor. Click here to listen to the broadcast. Enjoy!

The Evolutionary Paternity Test?

A friend recently asked me if I was aware of a NYTimes article from a few years back that discusses how babies are more likely to resemble their fathers and that this is an ‘evolutionary’ way of getting dads more connected with their babies. Pretty wild stuff. If you have an opinion about this, pleaseContinue Reading

The Continuum of Dad

This past weekend Charlie and I went camping up in the Catskills with some family friends. For my son it was a weekend of first times. First time in a canoe. First time sleeping in a tent. First time climbing over a mountain. For me the time we spent together was one long, joyful echoContinue Reading

Custodial Bias – A Double Edged Sword

One of the things I’ve been grappling with in the film is to what extent is there bias against dads when it comes to custodial battles. It seems to me a complex picture, having more to do with the prejudices of individual judges, different states and how overloaded the courts are – and there’s definitelyContinue Reading

Nozzle Toh-mato Cinderella

My family and I were having dinner tonight and Jamie pointed across the table to the giant bowl of heirloom tomatoes with basil and mozzarella and asked for ‘Nozzle Toh-mato Cinderella, please.” We all nearly fell off our chairs in laughter. Upon thinking about it, “Nozzle To-mato Cinderella” is probably the best way to describeContinue Reading

Job Description: Parents

For a hoot and a holler (and maybe even a sob) check out this job description for parents courtesy of DIY Father. Great stuff.