Monthly Archives: October 2009

For Charlie, On Your Sixth B-day

Dear Charlie,

Your mother and I can’t believe that yet another year in your life has passed and you are now the amazing age of six! Every time your birthday rolls by I can’t help but think back on that momentContinue Reading

What Is That?

Check out this short film from Greece about fatherhood. It’s very touching and something all of us parents should remember when our kids ask us the same question over and over and over. (Thank you, Betsy, for bringing this to my attention.)

The Dividends of Dad

This morning I helped chaperone Charlie’s Kindergarten class’ trip to a local farm. It was the first time Charlie had ever been on a school bus. At the farm we went on a hayride with the final destination being a giant pumpkin patch. After selecting pumpkins, we all munched on fresh donuts and cider. ThenContinue Reading

Progress Update

If you’ve been wondering why this blog has been a little more sporadic of late, the reason is purely that all of our energy and time is going into getting this film completed. It’s that mammoth an undertaking. Right now we are in the editing phase, with a little more additional filming. Watching the filmContinue Reading


If you were around in the early ’80’s you knew the full impact that Michael Jackson had on the world. I can remember walking down the street in Boston, circa 1984 and witnessing a gang of kids parading about, all wearing the signature silver glove. No artist since the Beatles has had such an influenceContinue Reading