Monthly Archives: November 2009

Good Work By Good Men

The more projects out there that try to get conversations with men (and women) going the better. I recently came across The Good Men Project and their goal is to jumpstart this conversation via a documentary, book and some ‘unconventional’ conventions. All royalties from the book go to The Big Brothers Big Sisters Association and The Boys and Girls Club. Definitely a project worth checking out, supporting and getting involved with.

You Had To Be There

Admittedly, I’m not a big country music fan, but listening to Tim McGraw’s new song about absentee fatherhood really touched me – especially after learning that his biological/absent father was a major league baseball player. Here are the lyrics: “You Had To Be There” by Tim McGraw He sat down, picked up the phone andContinue Reading

NYTimes Article: Parents Working Together

Check out this NYTimes article about the barriers dads face in terms of becoming more involved and how important it is for parents to not only work together but to respect their different parenting approaches. It’s more evidence that people really need to be educated about how to work these things out.