Monthly Archives: January 2010

She Works. They’re Happy. (from “The NY Times”)

Great article about SAHD’s and Breadwinning Moms in yesterday’s Style section of The New York Times!

‘Plastic Baby’ Goes to School

In the past I’ve written about how my son has a baby doll, aka “Plastic Baby”, and that he sees himself with her as ‘training to be a daddy.’ It’s something that I’m quite pleased with and have even included it a bit in the movie. But yesterday, something happened that really kind of shookContinue Reading

Graco Stroller Recall

Graco has just issued a recall of 1.5 million Passage, Alano and Spree strollers.Continue Reading

The Evolution of The Evolution of Dad

When I began this project three years ago, I set out to make a film that explores Fatherhood in every possible way. It was to have an Aaron Coplandesque score with a thundering narrator and iconic images of fatherhood in all of it’s glory. Now, as I near the finish line on this journey, IContinue Reading

Charlie’s Weather Report 1-16-10

Inspired by David Lynch’s weather reports, my son, Charlie, has decided to create his own forecast. Enjoy!

Hidden Treasures

As the film nears completion, one of the things I’m still doing are some last minute recordings of people talking about their fathers. What’s truly amazing about this process is that each interview seems to be like uncovering some hidden treasure that, for a lot of people, has been unspoken for their whole lives. For many it’s a cathartic experience and for me to bear such witness is truly a gift.Continue Reading

Two Cool Upcoming Events From NYC Dads Group

For those of you around the New York tri-state area, NYC Dads Group has partnered with the 92nd Street Y (Tribeca) for 2 cool events: a lecture by Ashley Merryman, co-author of “NurtureShock” (Jan. 20) and a screening of “Happy SAHD” and meeting with the Director, Michael Ivan Schwartz (Jan. 27).Continue Reading

Tim’s Story

Sometimes when one is toiling on a project for 3+ years it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. But then we receive emails from people who come to our site and feel the need to share their own personal stories and it puts things back in perspective once more. Such isContinue Reading