Monthly Archives: April 2010

Watching EOD With Charlie

Sometimes before Charlie’s bedtime on non-school nights we watch films together. It’s a treat to share classics like Singin’ In the Rain or Star Wars or The Ten Commandments together and it reminds me of viewing movies with own dad from when I was a kid.

Tonight, however, when I asked Charlie what he’d like to watch he surprised me.

“Can I watch your movie, daddy? I want to watch it before you share it with everyone else. Kinda like a dress rehearsal, you know?”

So, I popped in the newly pressed DVD of the finished film and he snuggled next to me on the couch and we watched. There was a lot of explaining involved as this is certainly no kid’s film, but it was really cool to watch Charlie viewing it. I have shown him clips of the film before but not with everything finished.

It’s funny to think that it took me half of Charlie’s life to make this film. Time sure flies. What will be interesting is when perhaps someday Charlie (and Jamie, too) watch the film again with an older perspective. How will they see what I did then? How will they see fatherhood? Maybe one of them will decide to make an update to the film. Life is filled with so many funny possibilities. But for now, it felt very special to be sharing the film with Charlie.

So, thank you, Charlie, for asking for it. It means the world that you wanted to watch it with me.

Bedtime Reading As Redemption

Every night, what usually goes on in my house, like so in many homes all across the world is the bedtime story for our kids; and like most households we have our collection of Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry and Mo Willems stories. But tonight, as Charlie and I settled in for his bedtime story, something unexpected happened.Continue Reading