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Charlie’s Batman Monologue

For those of you who enjoy watching Adam West in Batman – The Movie, here is a testament to its enduring value. Enjoy!

Should Dads Be Allowed In The Birthing Room?

From my view, one way to pinpoint exactly where we are in the “evolution” of fatherhood is to notice how most of today’s dads are now present at the birth of their children. Most also accompany their wives to birthing classes and learn how to coach their wives on breathing; very often, they will be given the opportunity to snip the umbilical cord.Continue Reading

EOD Article On!

This post originally appeared on on Monday, June 21, 2010. He didn’t look like much when I first saw him strolling up to me at a campsite in Harriman State Park, exactly two years ago. His hair was stringy and unkempt, his thin face unshaven. A smudged shirt and dirt-covered pants hung from hisContinue Reading

“The Evolution of Dad” on NJN News!

This segment aired on Friday, June 18th. Enjoy!

“The Evolution of Dad” on CNN!!

The below interview between director Dana Glazer and weekend anchor Don Lemon was recorded live on June 19th. Enjoy!

“The Evolution of Dad” In The News

We’re so happy to share with you the recognition the film – and Dads everywhere – have received in the media over the past few days.Continue Reading

A Father’s Day Message from Dana & His Sons

Dear “Evolution of Dad” Fans: Without your support over the past year, this film would not have been made – or, at least, not as well.Continue Reading

Evolution of Dad on The Today Show!!

Check out director Dana H. Glazer on The Today Show!Continue Reading

“I Stepped Down”: A song for Dad by Adriel Borshansky

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. ~ DanaContinue Reading