Monthly Archives: July 2011

Proper Bike Helmet Usage For Your Kids

As I was bike riding with my sons this afternoon I couldn’t help notice how many kids we passed that were wearing their bike helmets improperly. While I was glad to see so many kids wearing helmets, it was really troubling to see that a head-on collision would render this protection completely ineffective. According to the Children’s Safety Network, in 2005 44% of nonfatal bicycle injuries occurred in children and youth ages 5-20.

This doesn’t necessarily just go for bicycle helmets. A friend was telling me this evening that, while coaching his son’s baseball team, a player got hit in the head with a fastball and suffered some last brain damage due to wearing his batting helmet too far back on his head.

We can’t build force fields around our kids, but when it comes to putting on a bike helmet, a little more awareness can save a lifetime worth of problems.

Hope your summer is going well. Peace out.