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EOD in the NYTimes, and More!

It’s been a very exciting last week here at the Evolution of Dad. Besides trekking to the White House last week, below are a few mentions in the media. What’s exciting about most of them is that the fatherhood media narrative is so much more improved than when our film first launched. Well, I say this but let me also include at the bottom a couple of EOD related news items that are a burr in my side. Oh well. As I tell my kids, in life ya win some and ya lose some.

The New York Times

Deseret News

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christies’ “Evolution of Dad Dancing” (BARF!)

The Washington Post (Note the ‘Evolution of Dad’ father’s day card mentioned in the article. DOUBLE BARF!)

Support A State Paid Leave Fund

Ellen reminded me that the White House Working Dads Summit wasn’t just a photo-op or a cheerleading session for fatherhood but its real purpose was to bring attention to a new policy idea that the Obama Administration is trying to push through the Department of Labor to help fund parental leave programs on a state level.Continue Reading

Reflections On One Of The Best Days of My Life

There are a few days that I think of as high points in my life and being invited to play a clip of The Evolution of Dad at the White House Working Dads Summit on Monday certainly stands among them. It was a day that I will always remember for many reasons: it was theContinue Reading

The Evolution of Dad To Play At The White House!!

I can’t believe that four years after making this film, The Evolution of Dad will be playing at the White House for a Working Dads Summit! On June 9th I will be at the White House, along with two fatherhood experts who were in the film: Dr. Kyle Pruett and Dr. Scott Coltrane. A threeContinue Reading