An update…

The project has certainly ‘evolved’ since I first embarked at the beginning of the year. What started off as a touchy-feely film about nurturing dads has become something much deeper. Tapping into the vein of all things fatherhood has far greater depth than I could have imagined. My personal understanding of how the role of fathers (and mothers for that matter) have been shaped by our culture is something I really knew little about before this project.

The film has also become increasingly more progressive than I had previously anticipated. I had little idea to the extent that our culture emphasizes productivity and infinite growth to the detriment of the fathers (and mothers and the family for that matter.) My hope is that the film will ultimately shed some light on this and will help influence some societal changes in the way that our government and corporations handle the family domain.

Regarding production progress, filming commenced at the start of last month and we are near finished with documenting the project’s first subject, a New York City-based Stay-At-Home-Dad named Dallas. Not only is Dallas an amazing father and a fascinating person to watch, but the manner by which his life philosophy plays into his involvement with his son is incredibly profound. We will be posting some clips of Dallas and his family in the near future so stay tuned!

As I mentioned previously, this documentary intends to cover the gamut of involved dads and not just ones who stay at home. If you happen to be or know of any dads that might be good to include in the film please let us know. Some of the dads we’re looking to include are:

-single dads who are the primary caregivers
-dads who stagger their work schedule with their wives to balance equal time with the kids
-dads whose wives are in the military
-dads who work full time but go the extra mile to be involved with their kids

Thanks for reading. More developments to follow…

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