Fatherhood Stories

In Memory of a Super Dad

I didn’t know Wil Smith. He attended Bowdoin College as a single dad with his young daughter after I had graduated. However, he was said to be one of the most inspirational figures, a great teacher and a truly amazing father. You can hear an interview he did with his daughter for Story Corp here.Continue Reading

Bullies: A Dad’s Dilemma

Bullies: A Dad’s Dilemma

Is there a benefit to the schoolyard bully in terms of our survival? Lately, I’ve been pondering this upon recently witnessing my seven-year-old son, Charlie, being pushed around in the playground after school.
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Working Dads: The Hidden Heroes Of The New Fatherhood Movement

(This post was originally printed at The Huffington Post.) My bet is that the dads who are going to make or break involved fatherhood are: working dads. Why working dads? The media doesn’t hark much on them. They are not who we necessarily associate with the phrase “involved dad.” For all intents and purposes thisContinue Reading

How To Build A Time Machine To Your Childhood

(This entry is also posted at The Huffington Post.) Have you noticed that as we get older we require larger amounts of stimulation to engage us? That what once excited us when we were young now doesn’t hold the same potency? Be it the sugar in our food, the coffee we guzzle, our hectic schedulesContinue Reading

A Dad’s Experience With A Doula

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. As a dad, I strongly encourage parents to have a doula present at the birth, especially if it’s in the hospital.Continue Reading

Why This Film Was Made

Below is an email sent to me from a son who had shared the film with his dad. After viewing it, this is what his father wrote to him. I hope you find this as touching and as meaningful as we did….Continue Reading

The Truth In Pictures

Have you ever looked at a photo taken long ago and now see it from a completely different perspective? I know I have. For the most part, pictures don’t lie. There’s always something subtle (or not so subtle) that speaks of the real truth at the very moment the shot was taken. That’s the realContinue Reading

Seeing In Color

We get a lot of very touching emails from people talking about fatherhood, but every so often one arrives that begs to be shared. Here is one such letter… Dear Dana: As you may have seen, my work as an environmental geologist takes me into a lot of distressed environments. Usually urban. I see theContinue Reading

The Story Behind a Picture

One of the final things we are doing with completing the project is to include as many photos of dads and their kids as we can into the film. What’s really cool about this process is not just discovering the photos themselves but oftentimes learning a little bit about what is going on with theContinue Reading

Tim’s Story

Sometimes when one is toiling on a project for 3+ years it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. But then we receive emails from people who come to our site and feel the need to share their own personal stories and it puts things back in perspective once more. Such isContinue Reading