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EOD at the New Parents Expo in NYC

This should be an amazing event. I will be at a fatherhood panel at 2pm on the 16th, so hope to see you there! Details here courtesy of the NYC Dads group.

EOD on the Radio!

Check out these latest radio broadcasts: Conversations with Cogee: This interview was a blast as host Cogee knows how to keep a conversation going. To learn more about his radio show, please visit his facebook site. I’m on about 3/4 of the way through this two hour show which aired a day after Father’s Day.Continue Reading

Should Dads Be Allowed In The Birthing Room?

From my view, one way to pinpoint exactly where we are in the “evolution” of fatherhood is to notice how most of today’s dads are now present at the birth of their children. Most also accompany their wives to birthing classes and learn how to coach their wives on breathing; very often, they will be given the opportunity to snip the umbilical cord.Continue Reading

Evolution of Dad on The Today Show!!

Check out director Dana H. Glazer on The Today Show!Continue Reading

The Evolution of Dad – Literally

Special thanks to Michael Kimmel for bringing to our attention this fascinating article on how early human dads may have been more involved than previously considered. The Evolution comes full circle.

An Al Jazeera News Segment On Fatherhood?

Special thanks to Matt Schneider from NYC Dads Group for bringing this news piece about dads from….would you believe…Al Jazeera? USA Media outlets take note: this is the smart way to cover what’s going on with dads.

“He Breaks For Band Recitals” – NY Times, Friday 2/12

For those of you who didn’t catch this last Friday – or who might like to read it again… here is Sheryl Gay Stolberg’s “NY Times” article about how Barack Obama balances work and family.Continue Reading

She Works. They’re Happy. (from “The NY Times”)

Great article about SAHD’s and Breadwinning Moms in yesterday’s Style section of “The New York Times”!Continue Reading

NYTimes Article: Parents Working Together

Check out this NYTimes article about the barriers dads face in terms of becoming more involved and how important it is for parents to not only work together but to respect their different parenting approaches. It’s more evidence that people really need to be educated about how to work these things out.