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Evolution of Dad Goes To Bat For Ballplayer Adam LaRoche!

Recently, director Dana Glazer was interviewed in Newsday relating to the Adam LaRoche controversy. Check out the article here!

EOD Turns 5!

It’s amazing to think that 5 years have passed since we released The Evolution of Dad. Continue Reading

EOD in the NYTimes, and More!

It’s been a very exciting last week here at the Evolution of Dad. Besides trekking to the White House last week, below are a few mentions in the media. What’s exciting about most of them is that the fatherhood media narrative is so much more improved than when our film first launched. Well, I sayContinue Reading

Support Parents Occupy Wall Street

As a fellow parent who is very concerned about our country, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the whole Occupy Wall Street movement.Continue Reading

Proper Bike Helmet Usage For Your Kids

As I was bike riding with my sons this afternoon I couldn’t help notice how many kids we passed that were wearing their bike helmets improperly. While I was glad to see so many kids wearing their helmets, it was really troubling to see that a head-on collision would render what they were wearing ineffective.Continue Reading

Memo To CEO’s: Show Some Balls

(This article is also published at the Huffington Post’s Business Section) Last night, at a screening of my fatherhood documentary in New York City, something interesting and rather unexpected happened during the Q&A. A dad in the audience started talking about his surprise at how the new fathers in his tech company are refusing toContinue Reading

Let’s Get Rid of ‘Mommy and Me’

(This entry is also published at The Huffington Post.) I took my eldest son to get his hair cut the other day and noticed on the door to the salon an advertisement for a local “Mommy and Me” class. The flier included an illustration of a mother holding her toddler. There was no mention ofContinue Reading

10 Things I Learned (Or Unlearned) When I Had Kids

(This post is also printed at the Hufftington Post. Check out the fun pictures they put to it!) 1) Sleep? What’s that, again? My first son never slept in our bed with us, but for the first six months of his life I would wake up nearly every night, yanking all the sheets up, havingContinue Reading

EOD Article On!

This post originally appeared on on Monday, June 21, 2010. He didn’t look like much when I first saw him strolling up to me at a campsite in Harriman State Park, exactly two years ago. His hair was stringy and unkempt, his thin face unshaven. A smudged shirt and dirt-covered pants hung from hisContinue Reading