Early Morning With Charlie

The day begins in my household with my five-year-old son, Charlie, groggily coming into my bedroom and giving me a nudge to get up. We’re usually up before his younger brother, Jamie, and so we tiptoe downstairs into the family room and sit on the couch, a milk in his hand and a glass of orange juice in mine. Sometimes I quietly read to him. Other times we just snuggle up and talk.

This morning, Charlie felt insistent on wanting to contribute something to the ‘daddy movie’ and after hearing what he wanted to say, I promptly turned on a video camera. Here are the results:

My reason for sharing this is somewhat selfish: that someday, when Charlie is an adult and struggling to find his own place in the world, he may remember what it was like when he was young and the time we shared. Anyway, thank you for the kind words, Charlie. I love you so much.

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