Evolution of Dad in TIME MAGAZINE!

It’s always good to see one’s project in print in one of the biggest magazines out there. If you’ve got a hard copy of the latest Time Magazine (with the breast cancer cover) check out the very end of the “Fatherhood 2.0” article and there’s a small plug for the film with a link to some exclusive video content we did for the magazine.

Check it out!

From what I gather, the article was supposed to be the cover story and when the editors decided to go with breast cancer, the dad story got cut in half, with our inclusion landing on the editing room floor. Oh well. However, the reporter who interviewed me and Dallas, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, did the honorable thing by making sure we were ‘touted’ in the actual magazine and then featured in her Time online blog. Hats off to you, Lisa!

And by the way, regardless of not being included in the body of the article, it really is one of the better pieces out there about what’s going on with dads. Lisa and her collaborator did their homework and it shows. Check the article out.

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