Hope On The Playground

Hey, isn’t it great how the weather is turning? FINALLY! My G-d, I feel like we’ve been stuck in an early March holding pattern with an occasional turn towards the runway of warmth only to be snatched up again by brisk winds. But now it looks like we’re definitely landing. Say goodbye to trying to stuff your kids into car seats with winter coats or the extra blanket layers in the stroller or being stuck interminably inside with the kids bouncing around like pop rocks.

Anyway, given the improved climate, Charlie dragged me off to the playground late this afternoon. He demanded that we take 1) his bike 2) his baby and 3) his life-sized rubber ducky. I drew the line at the duck. The kid wasn’t thrilled but he knew who was boss (yeah, right:)

There is a point to all of this. We were at the playground when another little girl came over to Charlie as he was prepping his baby doll for a drop down the slide. Her mother was in tow and she asked her mother what he was doing.

“He’s training to be a daddy.”

This was an evolved mom. Previously, I had actually filmed Charlie taking care of his baby with him explaining that he’s training to be a daddy. It’s good to see that we’re not the only ones who get this notion. There’s hope, yet.

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