Just in time for Father’s Day…

It’s been an incredibly intense six weeks since I last wrote in. In mid-May a small film crew and I went around New York City and filmed near to 150 people, talking about their dads. The purpose for this endeavor was to make a short Father’s Day Video. The result was amazing. The candor that some people spoke about their relationships with their dads was incredibly moving. We were also amazed at how many people were happy to be on film until they learned that they would be talking about their dads; and how some people spoke about their dads with incredible anger. The experience really drove home how important the father/son/daughter bond is and the extent to which so many suffer due to their lack of it. It is just confirmation about the importance of a film about involved dads.

I want to thank all the people who generously agreed to be in the video as well as Tracy, Pat, Angelica and Brittany, who schlepped around the city with me, working extremely hard. You guys are the best!

I hope you enjoy the Father’s Day video, which is now posted on the main page, and, if it speaks to you, please share it with those you care about….

Lastly, please check out the ‘clips’ section to meet one of our amazing dad subjects!

Until next time…

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