Meet The Vachons – by Director Dana Glazer

Over the past week I have encountered three different people who claim to have been misquoted by the Time Magazine article on dads. Their reactions ranged from annoyance to outrage. I’ve been thinking about this ever since and was about to post here about it, when I discovered that Amy and Marc Vachon did me the favor of writing more succinctly about it in their blog than I probably could.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Marc and Amy Vachon this weekend while in the Boston area. They are at the forefront of a new movement of parents who strive for gender equity and have a site that shares their unique perspective. They are also a couple of the kindest, warmest and most energized people you will meet. At a later date I will post a snippet of what I filmed, but in the meantime, read their blog and check out their site. They are true pioneers and The Evolution of Dad is incredibly lucky to have them aboard.

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