Opening Up The Daddy Dam

My hope has always been not just to make a movie about dads but to spearhead a movement of fathers (and moms, too) finding creative ways to better balance work and family. From going out onto the streets and interviewing people it’s so evident how many suffer because of the poor relations they have with their dads. I really hope we can change this. It will create a better America, a better world.

Let’s do this together.

I’ve decided to open up the dam a bit with this blog and am welcoming in more perspectives on fathering than the movie itself can conceivably hold. In upcoming blogs I’m going to include all different types of media that are indicative of what this project stands for. Eventually, the website will reflect this with additional sections. So, if you have something dad-related to share, a song, an essay, a movie review, a home movie, a picture, send it on over. No promises, but I’ll post it if I can.

On that note, here’s a video I was recently sent by Spencer Altman, a work-at-home dad living in NYC. Between wandering the streets of Manhattan, checking out hip cafes with his seven-month-old son in tow, Spencer has created a kids clothing boutique, SohoKind, which has some very cool designs. Check ’em out. Spencer seems to have a clear idea about his new role as dad. Here’s his video:

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