The Evolution of Dad is an informative, engaging, and heartwarming documentary that takes a comprehensive look at fatherhood in contemporary American society. It masterfully explores issues of care, gender roles, masculinity, and work-family balance. There is a judicious mix of interviews with experts, people on the street, and dads in the trenches. The film is very accessible but also provides material for more sophisticated viewers to think about and debate.

Traci Levy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director, Gender Studies Program
Adelphi University

Glazer has an amazing way of integrating accurate information about evolving gender roles and fathering with truly moving personal stories of men and their families. The field of men, masculinity, and fatherhood just got a major growth hormone boost with this movie.

Aaron B. Rochlen, Ph.D.
Chair, M.Ed. Program Counselor Education
University of Texas

The Evolution of a Dad is a groundbreaking, heart-warming, and sometimes heart-wrenching documentary about the changing roles and the struggles of fathers in our country today. Solidly based on social science research, the documentary is an invaluable resource for college professors in psychology and sociology. Accompanied by a discussion guide for college students, the film is a catalyst for lively discussions about the controversial issues and obstacles confronting fathers in contemporary families. By presenting research and statistics along with dozens of fathers’ stories, Glazer has created a thought-provoking teaching tool for professors and workshop leaders.

Linda Nielsen, Ph.D.
Professor of Adolescent & Educational Psychology
Wake Forest University

The Evolution of Dad is a timely, excellent prototype film representing many aspects of what it’s like to spend a great deal of time with your child as a Dad. I found this film very well done, quite holistic in its coverage and worth sharing with every parent who is trying to walk that fine line between Love/ Excitement with Frustration/ Aloneness. I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from this film.

Arnold M. Kerzner, Ph.D.
Child and Family Psychiatrist, Belmont, MA

The Evolution of Daddoes a great job introducing students to the study of fathers through personal stories, smart dialog, beautiful photography, and crisp editing. The film presents the most intriguing issues and questions about fathering and social change without overwhelming the viewer with statistics and academic jargon. Director Dana Glazer brings a sharp eye and an emotional sensitivity to the project without sacrificing intellectual content. The Evolution of Dad is perfect for use in college classes focused on Psychology, Sociology, Gender, Family Studies, and Human Services. I love the film and give it my highest rating.

Scott Coltrane, Ph.D.
College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon (Dr. Coltrane was in the film.)

I loved it — both as a personal statement and as a film.

Michael Kimmel, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
SUNY Stony Brook (Dr. Kimmel appears in the film.)

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