The Evolution of The Evolution of Dad

When I began this project three years ago, I set out to make a film that explores Fatherhood in every possible way. It was to have an Aaron Coplandesque score with a thundering narrator and iconic images of fatherhood in all of it’s glory. Now, as I near the finish line on this journey, I realize that the film is far different than what I originally intended. It’s more personal. It is far more limited in scope and yet it feels alive in a way that I had never considered nor could have ever planned. In essence, it’s become it’s own living document to how I see the changes that are underfoot when it comes to fatherhood. My hope and prayer is that it somehow reaches out to people and gets them more involved with their kids. That said, let me say now that my intention for the film is not to hold any type of fathering as better than any other, but to give some clarity about how we as a culture can and should change for the betterment of ourselves and our children.

The process of making this film has changed me, has moved me, has made me appreciate fatherhood in ways I hadn’t previously considered and I greatly look forward to sharing it with you this Father’s Day. Thanks for reading.

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