Third Path – By Director Dana Glazer

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with Hanne Weedon from a Philly-operated organization called Third Path. What she and Third Path stand for is directly aligned with one of the main issues I’m covering in the film: how to get dads more involved with their families by finding creative solutions to the balance of work and family.

Third Path’s grassroots approach is to create a support network for families that are seeking to balance work and family. One of their methods is to collect stories of creative approaches different families have taken. They are also putting together a dad seminar, which will happen next fall.

Talking with Hanne, it’s so abundantly clear how removed our free market consumer culture is from the values of really emphasizing the family. By demonstrating positive examples of how some people are able to navigate work/family is extremely inspiring and certainly what I intend to include in our film.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Hanne and I’m so excited to hopefully include them and some of the families they represent in the film. For more about third path, visit

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