Monthly Archives: September 2010

An Open Letter To The Next Generation of Evolved Parents

What does real success mean? If you asked me when I was in college or even in my twenties it would be different from how I see it now. Before I would have said that success had to do with how much I achieved in terms of money and the advancement of my career. The idea of being a dad was such a foreign substance to me.

Let’s Get Rid of ‘Mommy and Me’

(This entry is also published at The Huffington Post.) I took my eldest son to get his hair cut the other day and noticed on the door to the salon an advertisement for a local “Mommy and Me” class. The flier included an illustration of a mother holding her toddler. There was no mention of…

Second Nature

Of all the things that happened this summer, I think the most meaningful moment for me was teaching Charlie to ride his bicycle. Perhaps the experience was made all the more meaningful because, for all of Charlie’s gifts (and there are many) coordination just hasn’t been one of them. So, to get the boy atop…