ANOTHER FIX OF…FATHERHOOD – From Associate Producer Tracy Russell

Too much information running through my brain…and yet I’m SO driven to seek out more and more and more… I fear I have recently fallen victim to that curious 21st century condition, web junkieitis. And the really nutty thing is I don’t mind! Thanks for joining me, by the way, for this late night nosh. This weekend I concentrated on two information gathering agendas- finding companies to approach for sponsorship and finding contact information for our “wish list,” of well known people we would like to have appear in the movie. I have gleefully been plugging away at these tasks with the utter satisfaction that only an internet addict could muster. As I travel further into the maze, down the rabbit hole and occasionally off on a delicious tangent that can’t be ignored (which I then foward into piles of emails to Dana- sorry Dana,) I am beginning to fully realize the enormity of our subject matter, FATHERHOOD and the enormity of our responsibility to our subject matter and to the subjects of our subject matter. It’s daunting, yet absolutely magnetizing. And, as I consider this, I see more clearly now that it’s not the gathering of information that’s so intoxicating, It’s the educating of oneself about what is really going on “out there.” It’s the grappling with tough issues in order to come to some kind of understanding. It’s the playing a little part in the making of something big.

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