For Charlie, On Your Sixth B-day

Dear Charlie,

Your mother and I can’t believe that yet another year in your life has passed and you are now the amazing age of six! Every time your birthday rolls by I can’t help but think back on that moment, not so long ago, that you arrived. You were so little that you couldn’t even cry yet. All you could emit was a tiny little squeak. But from the moment you came into our arms, we have loved you and will always love you.

I really marvel at all of the new things you are capable of doing and experiencing. You make your bed and dress yourself every morning. You can write your own name. You know how to swim in the deep end of the pool and traverse underwater like a frog. I was so proud of you on our camping trip when we trekked for three hours over a giant mountain. Last week, when I got to watch you in action at school, I was so impressed by your prowess with building blocks. You definitely have a creative bent as well as an engineer’s mind. I wonder whether you will end up going to MIT like your grandpa and your uncle. I know Nani and Papa wouldn’t mind as that would put you closer to them. But let’s not rush things. There’s still so much time before such things, still so many things to do and learn and share.

I’m so happy that you now have a wonderful teacher who can appreciate all of your strengths and your individuality. You are a very lucky boy to have her in charge of you this year and I only wish I had a teacher like her when I was in Kindergarten.

Charlie, it’s so exciting for me to see you growing up as you are and to be able to walk alongside you as you take more steps into the world. It is not only a joy but a life affirming privilege. Your mother and I are so proud of you and always remember that we will always love you – no matter what.

Happy 6th Birthday, son!



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