Goodbye To May

It’s funny. Usually May is what I would consider the best month of the year. The weather is terrific and people are outside more. Love is in the air. School is either ending or at least giving way to a summer break. I usually look back at May near the end of the summer and think to myself, “Was May a blur or what?”

Not so with this year.

This year, for many reasons, May felt more like February or March. Weather-wise it seemed like instead of March, April, May, we had March, March, March. There was also some sort of nasty virus floating around the NYC area that my family and I all caught. The end of the month concluded with the death of the mother of one of my dearest friends. She was only 65 years young – a woman who was so vibrant, such a life force, that the notion she is no longer around is deeply troubling. It’s made me reflect on how fleeting life truly is and how quickly things can go wrong.

And then there was this morning. I got the boys out of the house to the new playground that’s across the street. The sunlight was bursting through the overhanging leaves. The air was that perfect temperature that’s neither hot nor cold. My boys were in high spirits as they climbed the jungle gym. Jamie, my eighteen-month-old, flew down the steep slide without a bit of fear. Later on today, an old friend who I’ve lost contact with, sent me an email. Things are on the up.

I know this doesn’t all directly relate to the film but it’s where things are at for me. Thanks for reading.

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