Miracles and Magic

The other day Charlie and I were watching the original Miracle On 34th Street and I found myself getting all choked-up. It’s amazing how a movie that’s so old can still have such power.

After the movie finished and my son had settled into his bed, I sat for a while, contemplating just why I had been so moved. I’ve seen this film so many countless times before and hadn’t that kind of reaction to it.

But then it occurred to me: this was the first time I had seen the movie as a father. Being a father and, in essence, seeing the film through my son’s young eyes, was like watching it again for the first time.

This is the true magic of really getting to know one’s kids. It’s hard to communicate this to people who aren’t parents yet. From the outside view there is so much sacrifice involved in bringing up kids – and that is correct.

But then there’s the magic.

It’s all too easy as we get older, to get tired of our lives. It seems at times that a lot more magic is needed for a much diminished return, than when we were kids. The same things, year end and out, the same routines, the seasons spinning…

The antidote for all this are children. They remind us of when we were young.

So, when the very young Natalie Wood in the film says, “There is magic! I believe, I believe!” and the tears are flowing from my eyes as I sit watching, snuggled on the couch with my elder son, she’s not just speaking about what she has found again but what we all can if we want to.

I wish you and your family a good holiday season. May you find the miracles and magic again if you haven’t already. Peace be with you.

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