I don’t usually infuse this blog with political opinion but what I’m reading about Sarah Palin is certainly making my head spin – and it’s more about what isn’t being said than what is, specifically regarding fatherhood.

There’s a lot of commentary this week about what kind of mom Sarah Palin is given that she a) went back to work three days after her downs syndrome – inflicted infant son was born and b) has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant.

But what I’m wondering, reading about this candidate is: what’s the deal with her husband? What’s their idea of family/work balance? Aside from hers, what’s his involvement with the family? The interesting thing (and doesn’t this say so much about our culture) is that no one really gives a sh-t what he’s up to. If you read anything in the media, the only thing mentioned of Todd Palin is that he’s a four-time champ in some famous snowmobile race. What’s his involvement with the family? How are these parents, who decided to bring a child with down’s syndrome into the world, taking care of this kid?

I did some further research online and the info on him is scant. The most you can find is at Wikipedia. Todd evidently works full time as a manager at BP oil. There’s no mention of his fatherly duties. So, if Sarah is the governor and Todd is full time at work, who’s minding the kids – and what does this say about their true family values?

The point I’m trying to make is not about how I really feel about this particular family that is currently roasting in the spotlight; it is about how it’s just another reflection of how our culture once again deemphasizes the family, the role of fatherhood and any notion of gender equity.

The sad truth is that Sarah Palin will likely be voted into office because, while her family seems to reside in complete dysfunction, it is a dysfunction that so many other families can relate to – but does that make her a healthy choice? Well, I think you know my opinion.

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