Star Wars Under The Stars With Charlie

Okay, I have something to admit. I’m a Star Wars junkie. Have been this way since the age of seven, when my dad first took me to see the original film. The first three movies still hold a lot of magic for me. So, now that my son, Charlie, is nearly six, I have been fairly excited about sharing the original movie with him.

First, we listened to NPR’s radio dramatization of the film. By the way, it’s great for longer car rides and it’s really first rate, with many of the actors reprising their roles. Charlie was fairly enamored by the radio version, so I felt he wouldn’t freak out too much watching the actual movie. He’s still pretty sensitive when it comes to seeing movies and gets really nervous when characters find themselves in peril.

I was going to play the movie for Charlie in our basement, but then decided to make it a little more special. So, this past Thursday night we invited all of our neighbors into our backyard for a screening of Star Wars under the stars. Everyone brought their lawn chairs. One neighbor (an at-home dad) built the movie screen. Others brought candy. The lightning bugs were out and the air was electric with excitement. I sat close to my son as we watched the film. For me, it was more interesting watching my son’s reaction to the movie than the movie itself at this point.

Watching the Star Wars films has always been a bonding experience between my father and I and now, to share it with my own son, is one of the more meaningful things we’ve done lately and something that I think will linger in Charlie’s memory for many years to come. I know it will linger in mine.

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