The Dividends of Dad

This morning I helped chaperone Charlie’s Kindergarten class’ trip to a local farm. It was the first time Charlie had ever been on a school bus. At the farm we went on a hayride with the final destination being a giant pumpkin patch. After selecting pumpkins, we all munched on fresh donuts and cider. Then it started to rain, so we all hopped back on the bus and back to the school.

Back in Charlie’s classroom, his teacher informed all of us chaperones that we could take our kids home, but Charlie insisted on sticking around until the official time to leave. So, there I was, the only parent in the classroom, with a front row seat of my son making a city out of wood blocks with his classmates. Getting a glimpse of Charlie in Kindergarten like this made me feel as lucky as if I had a backstage pass to a Springsteen concert. It was one of those moments that, as a father, was just pure, unadulterated joy; and it’s moments like these that make being involved with my sons the greatest investment of my time. Thank you for this morning, Charlie. I love you.


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