The Evolution Begins…

Hi! Thanks for checking out this brand new blog. My goal is to continually share all things related to the making of this film. The Evolution of Dad Project is perhaps the most integrated film I could be making at this time. When I’m not researching, filming, etc, I’m helping take care of my two sons. It’s a strange and wonderful thing to be living what one is filming.

I’ve been working on this project since the beginning of the new year. The research has been extremely enlightening and continues to be so. So many assumptions about fathers and mothers have been challenged. My hope is that this film will have an inspiring, positive impact on the way we view family relationships.

A personal anecdote: last week I took my three-year-old son to the “Little Gym” for some exercise on the mats and balance beam. We were having a blast together. Every so often, however, this little girl would come over to me and want me to lift her up as I was doing with my son. Eventually, her mother came over, slightly embarrassed. She explained that her daughter has this tendency to ‘latch onto’ any of the other dads around and that today she had picked me. The mother explained how jealous it made her husband. I just nodded at her and my son and I went on our way, but deep inside I kept thinking that the little girl was reaching out to a father figure as her own was probably not sufficiently present in her life. How many other boys and girls grow up with this father absence?

This little instance is just another reminder why making a film about involved fathers is so important. Thanks for reading this very first blog. I hope you continue with me on the journey to making this film.


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