This Boat Needs To Float

You know things are bad with the economy when one’s child comes home from nursery school with a note addressing the country’s financial situation. This is what Charlie had in his backpack today. I felt that it is worth sharing:

“So.. We are in a very difficult economic time (an understatement.) Hopefully, this situation will help us to come together to work for the common good of everyone (this boat needs to float!)

If your job status/economic situation has drastically changed, and we can help in any way, please let us know. Hang in there!”

This is a time of growth for our country. It is a time when we will be defined by how we treat each other when the chips are down, when things no longer seem so certain. In a time where the news seems to be increasingly more dire, a little note from Nursery school can go a long way.

This boat needs to float, indeed.

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