Tidy, tidy, tidy, mess, Mess, MESS!

While mopping up my younger son’s vomit off of the kitchen floor, I found myself reflecting on the events of the past twenty-four hours. No, nothing earth shattering here, just a great example about what so often happens to the best laid plans and how, as much as we like to lead neat and tidy lives, the bottom line is that being alive is just plain messy!

Take my meeting with esteemed dad expert Dr. Kyle Pruett, yesterday. I had planned every aspect of filming him down to the smallest detail. Rental car. Check. Directions. Check. Questions to ask. Check. Coordinating schedules with Evo Mom. Check. Camera equipment. Check.

So, I get to Dr. Pruett’s office in New Haven on time and everything is running like gangbusters until ZZZ! The electricity in his building goes completely out. Dr. Pruett commented that this was only the second time this has happened in all the years he’s been in this office. Fortunately, he was willing to carve out some more time later on, so we did finish.

This morning I was all geared up to go meet with some dedicated dads who are helping me put together a fundraiser, along with some other business, but then our wonderful sitter called in sick. My wife was off to the inspection of a new home we’re in the process of purchasing, so this left no one to take care of the kids but yours truly.

Between both kids being sick and a couple of true crank-a-sauruses, there wasn’t much to do but kick into high-dad gear.

Perhaps the funniest moment of the morning was between a lot of screaming and crying and vomit all over the ground, the telephone should of course ring. It was the head of Charlie’s school, wondering where Charlie was.

“We’re keeping him out of school out of respect for your rule about keeping kids out of school for a good 24 hours after a fever.”
“I’m not sure you realize but Charlie is the lead in the school play that’s happening on Monday. He’s the head troll, you know.”

I wasn’t aware of my son’s status of being the ‘head troll.’ He certainly hadn’t mentioned it to me.

“Doesn’t he have an understudy?”
“Unfortunately, he doesn’t, she replied, then added, “Isn’t there some way you can get him to school today?”

So much for rules, huh?

Anyway, after my wife got back later that afternoon, Charlie and I trekked out to the Liberty Science Museum and saw an Imax Film. Charlie hasn’t seen many movies, let alone one that’s projected onto a giant dome. At the beginning of the film, there was a dolly shot into the pyramids and Charlie turned at me, astonished.

“Dad, we’re moving!”

There’s nothing like connecting into the mind of a four year old, where magic is always happening.

Well, I suppose this is a little more of a tangent than normal. More substance, less head troll and vomit next time:)

Evo Dad out.

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