Why We Film

From the start the goal of making this film has been to affect change by educating and inspiring more dads to get involved with their kids. Promoting this idea while the film takes its snail-paced time to get made is something that’s always on the back of my mind. Frankly, that’s why I put out the teaser trailer (at least) two years before the film is completed.

I’ve received numerous compliments on the trailer but one in particular I felt should be shared:

Yesterday, I was contacted by a teacher in Colorado who runs a course promoting fatherhood for convicts who are about to be released. She asked to be able to share the trailer in the class for this reason:

“The fathers really could benefit from watching the “stay at home Dad” in your film. They are pretty hard core and need to see that men can be nurturing to their children.”

It’s reassuring to know that, with only a few minutes of cut footage, some difference can be made. Thanks for reading.

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