Work-At-Home Dad: White House Style

There’s an interesting article from the NYTimes titled “Michelle Obama’s Balancing Act” and, while I’m thrilled that the First Lady seems to be taking a stance on matters of work/family balance, it’s disheartening to see how much this is still thought to be a mom’s issue and not a parental one. Also, take note of the experts that were interviewed for comment. God forbid some expert dads be included..

I’ll echo one of the comments left at the bottom of the article: I wonder, what would people’s reactions be if the headline were “Barack Obama’s Balancing Act.”

Not to be too sour grapes, I’m thrilled that this sort of story is even coming up. (Can you imagine the title “Laura Bush’s Balancing Act?”) Also, it’s great to be reading in a related article about our new President’s apparent happiness over having to work ‘at home.’ Obviously, being the Prez is not your standard At-Home Dad model, but perhaps emphasizing this will make the concept more digestible to the masses. We’ll see:)

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