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A Father’s Day Message from Dana & His Sons


Dear “Evolution of Dad” Fans,

Without your support over the past year, this film would not have been made – or, at least, not as well. So, I thank you. And I look forward to continuing to shape the conversation we’ve begun here. I believe it’s an important one and, as it grows, one that I think will lead to changing parenting for the better. Best wishes to you and your family.

Happy Father’s Day!

~ Dana

Watching EOD With Charlie

Sometimes before Charlie’s bedtime on non-school nights we watch films together. It’s a treat to share classics like Singin’ In the Rain or Star Wars or The Ten Commandments together and it reminds me of viewing movies with own dad from when I was a kid. Tonight, however, when I asked Charlie what he’d likeContinue Reading

What Is That?

Check out this short film from Greece about fatherhood. It’s very touching and something all of us parents should remember when our kids ask us the same question over and over and over. (Thank you, Betsy, for bringing this to my attention.)

Kramer vs. Kramer: 30 Years Later

I can’t recall another film that nailed a moment in our culture better than Kramer vs. Kramer did back in 1979. I can remember my parents coming back from a matinee screening of that film and talking at length about how they felt about it. Mind you, divorce wasn’t (thank God) an issue in myContinue Reading

Pondering Utopia

Try reading Jeremy Adam Smith’s brilliant The Daddy Shift and then watching Dances With Wolves in the same week. It’s a weird, yet wondrous mixture of media. Near the end of Jeremy’s book, he contemplates the possibility of a utopian world where families are more involved and integrated, where there is a deeper connective tissueContinue Reading

Not Without My Daughter!

I can’t say that Taken is the kind of movie one thinks of when it comes to father/daughter relations, but seeing it tonight certainly made my paternal instincts rise to a steady boil. There really is something primal about watching a father relentlessly trying to save the life of this daughter. While it’s a sadContinue Reading

More Messages about Dads From Hollywood

The obvious perspective on how the media treats dads is that fathers tend to be portrayed as bunglers or incompetent in their roles. However, what I keep coming upon, which is perhaps even more unhelpful are the stories told about absentee dads being redeemed by (typically) their grown sons. It’s a message that keeps poppingContinue Reading