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‘Plastic Baby’ Goes to School

In the past I’ve written about how my son has a baby doll, aka “Plastic Baby”, and that he sees himself with her as ‘training to be a daddy.’ It’s something that I’m quite pleased with and have even included it a bit in the movie. But yesterday, something happened that really kind of shookContinue Reading

Charlie’s Weather Report 1-16-10

Inspired by David Lynch’s weather reports, my son, Charlie, has decided to create his own forecast. Enjoy!

For Charlie, On Your Sixth B-day

Dear Charlie, Your mother and I can’t believe that yet another year in your life has passed and you are now the amazing age of six! Every time your birthday rolls by I can’t help but think back on that momentContinue Reading

The Dividends of Dad

This morning I helped chaperone Charlie’s Kindergarten class’ trip to a local farm. It was the first time Charlie had ever been on a school bus. At the farm we went on a hayride with the final destination being a giant pumpkin patch. After selecting pumpkins, we all munched on fresh donuts and cider. ThenContinue Reading

The Continuum of Dad

This past weekend Charlie and I went camping up in the Catskills with some family friends. For my son it was a weekend of first times. First time in a canoe. First time sleeping in a tent. First time climbing over a mountain. For me the time we spent together was one long, joyful echoContinue Reading

Star Wars Under The Stars With Charlie

Okay, I have something to admit. I’m a Star Wars junkie. Have been this way since the age of seven, when my dad first took me to see the original film. The first three movies still hold a lot of magic for me. So, now that my son, Charlie, is nearly six, I have beenContinue Reading

Early Morning With Charlie

The day begins in my household with my five-year-old son, Charlie, groggily coming into my bedroom and giving me a nudge to get up. We’re usually up before his younger brother, Jamie, and so we tiptoe downstairs into the family room and sit on the couch, a milk in his hand and a glass ofContinue Reading

To Charlie On His Fifth Birthday

My Dear Son Charlie, As is the yearly custom, I’m stunned once again that you are now another year older. I can’t believe that you are Five. It only seems a second ago that I could practically hold all of you in one hand. You have matured in so many ways this past year. YourContinue Reading

Charlie And The Playground Part 2

Well, my wife and I met with Charlie’s teacher and the head of his nursery school a few days ago. It was good to see that they had their hearts in the right place and my perspective has changed a bit since then. After talking to the folks running Charlie’s school I have a betterContinue Reading